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The Lash Pad is so much more than a lash & beauty studio, it’s a space where our clients can express not only how they want to look, but also how they want to feel when they see themselves.

We’re a home-grown family business and we love that we can help others feel beautiful and confident in a relaxed and homely environment located in Mountain Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.





Chantel began her lash journey in June 2018 where she then went on to start her own lash & beauty business – The Lash Pad. Since then she has been highly recommended and her flair for the industry shows in her work, as she goes above and beyond. She is a perfectionist and strives to make her clients look amazing and feel their best. Chantel is a mother of two small children and has a passion for all things health and beauty


Chelsea is an experienced lash technician who has come from a busy, fast paced environment and loves the satisfaction of creating amazing lashes and brows. With a diploma in beauty therapy behind her, Chelsea strives to make her clients look and feel their best while providing a friendly service at all times. Her aim is to purely enhance your already natural beauty and have you feeling on top of the world when you leave.


Emjay completed her qualification as a Lash Technician in 2020 where she then decided to further her passion for beauty industry by joining our team here at The Lash Pad. Emjay believes that woman empowerment starts with feeling great about yourself so she strives and loves helping to create each individuals look of beauty that is specifically tailored to their own personal style.



Eyelash Extensions

Classic Full Set $90.00
Infill 2 weeks $50.00
Infill 3 weeks $70.00
Hybrid Full Set $100.00
Infill 2 weeks $70.00
Infill 3 weeks $80.00
Volume 3D Full Set $110.00
Infill 2 weeks $80.00
Infill 3 weeks $90.00
Volume 4D / 5D Full Set $120.00
Infill 2 weeks $90.00
Infill 3 weeks $100.00
Russian Volume (handmade) $140.00
Infill 2 weeks $100.00
Infill 3 weeks $120.00
Mega Volume (handmade) $160.00
Infill 2 weeks $120.00
Infill 3 weeks $140.00
Lash Removal $30.00
Lash Wash $10.00



Wanting a thicker brow look without the commitment to eyebrow tattooing? Then Henna is definitely for you. Henna will not only dye your hairs, but will also leave a stain behind the brow giving you the fuller and filled look. Henna can last up to 6 weeks on the hair.


Brow lamination is a technique used on the brows to create voluminous, full, feathery brows that are defined and yet natural looking. The treatment restructures the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape for up to eight weeks. Price includes brow tint, wax & shape.


This service is quick and for those only wanting the regrowth to be removed



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Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically 6 to 8 weeks. Each person’s lash growth is somewhat variable (just like hair growth)

We suggest lash maintenance 2 to 3 weeks (14-21days) to maintain a full look. Leaving more than 4 weeks (28 days) between your infill appointments will mean that we will have to do a new full set.

Eyelash extensions are actually made from synthetic fibres called PBT (polybutylene-terephthalate).

Name mink, is a marketing trick, there is no real mink fur used. Real mink fur would never be even and durable.

The characteristics that differentiate silk and mink are their tapering (how fine the lashes are shaped towards the tip), their weight, and their finish. In most cases silk is less tapered, lightweight, with a glossier finish; whilst mink lashes are more tapered, ultra lightweight, and has a matte finish.

If you do get extensions, it’s important to care for them properly. I recommend cleaning them with special lash shampoo, as it’s gentle and won’t ruin the adhesive.

It’s important to clean your lashes to avoid any build up, which can lead to irritations and even infections like conjunctivitis. If you wear eye makeup, make sure you do not use an oil-based makeup remover as this can lead to premature loss of eyelash extensions.

  1. Thoroughly wet your lashes with warm water.
  2. Layer good amount lash shampoo into your lash line.
  3. Use a lash brush, or if you don’t have a lash brush you could also use a disposable lip wand, to get shampoo into the lashes and pay attention to your lash line, this is where dust, dirt and sweat builds up. Clean around the eyes too.
  4. Thoroughly rinse your lashes with warm water, twice if needed.
  5. Pat dry, don’t rub!
  6. Brush your lashes when finished using your disposable mascara wand provided to you by The Lash Pad.
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